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Netamp should run on pretty much any flavor of unix/linux. It requires a working apache/php/mysql combination. The system I developed it on was running redhat 6.1, apache 1.3.11, php 3.0.14 and mysql 3.22.32.

Installing the files:

Su to root and run the install-sh script. It will install the html files to /home/httpd/html/netamp and the system files to /usr/local/netamp. If these locations don't work, please edit install-sh to suit your needs. Note, all installed files will be owned by root, for convience, you may want to change the ownership of the files in the web tree.

Setting up the database:

By default, netamp will use the 'mp3s' database and the 'mp3data' table within it. I'm assuming that you familar enough with mysql that you can make it secure and create databases. Create a new database called "mp3s" and run the database script

mysql -u root mp3s < /path/to/table.mysql

This will create the tables netamp needs to run.

Configuring the php variables:

All the configuration is done in one file /home/httpd/html/netamp/ by default, change the mysql connection stuff an anything else you need to.

Populating the database:

This is all done through your web browser, point it to You should see the main page, click on the link for admin on the left side. Fill in the appropriate local path of your mp3s, omit the trailing slash, for example /home/aldug/mp3s. Next, choose the method netamp will look at your mp3 files and add them into the database. Using the filename method requires a strict filename format, anything else other than this will not work. The format for all of your mp3s needs to be this: Artist<space>-<space>Song.mp3 .The second method, ID3 Tag, requires a special perl module MPEG::ID3v1Tag, which is avialable at CPAN. Lastly, in /usr/local/netamp/bin, I have included a perl script with takes mp3s with the correct file name format, and give them id3 tags from that. I am working on another utility that will do the reverse. Now, you need to choose the url where the mp3s can be downloaded from, it should start with http:// and not end with a slash

I would recommend restricting access to the admin stuff with a .htaccess file.

Now, you should be all set, point your browser to and you should be in business. If you have any questions, or find any bugs, please email me,